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Every time you support the Foxhole,
you are supporting Local Vets!


SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Friday Night Specials!!!!
First…. Burrito Gringo! Huge flour tortilla stuffed with perfectly seasoned chicken and cheese then served enchilada style with a side of homemade Spanish rice!!!!
Then… of our personal favorites!!!
The DeJonghe Stuffed Baked Cod!!!!
Our already amazing baked cod stuffed with seasoned stuffing loaded with cheese, shrimp and crab meat then topped with a creamy sauce!

Served with choice of potato, veggies and a Foxhole house salad! 

We have chocolate sundaes and cheesecake for dessert so save room!

We can’t wait to show off! So, make a reservation with us! 262-632-5536!!!!
*Friday specials, baked cod and baked potatoes are not available until after 3pm!


820 Main St Racine, WI

We want to thank everyone who has graciously donated a basket and or monies thus far!
We are still a long way off our goal to help preserve the beautiful Veterans Center and Legacy Museum!
We also are still in need of more cars for the car show! If you are able to help out your local veterans in any way, please contact Jamie Collins right away!
We can’t thank you enough for all your support so far! The future generations of Veterans will
Still have a place to call their home!

Thank you for all the support you have been showing your local Veterans Center and Legacy Museum!

We couldn’t do it without you!
Stop on in, enjoy an ice cold cocktail and feel free to walk around the museum! The veterans work hard every month changing displays! Definitely a cool piece of history!

Okay Racine! Can we do it?!? Can we help out our local veterans? Can we help preserve their home??
Stop down and see this magnificent historic landmark! 820 Main St! Racine!
Let’s fill the shell! No donation is too big or too small! This is for them!  Show our veterans some much needed love!